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A & P Barbershop

Barber shop in North Bend, Washington

112 Bendigo Blvd N, North Bend, WA 98045

(425) 292-9946

Barbershop in North Bend, WA

Random Reviews

Awesome new place!!

I normally go to Issaquah (very inconvenient living in North Bend) because I've had horrible luck (horrendous customer service, doesn't care about punctuality and very rude to other customers when they ask questions) with other barbershops in the area. I saw this shop and was thrilled something new was close by. It already had great reviews so I decided to give it a go. I went in for the first time yesterday (Tuesday morning) and arrived at 9:58am. They don't open until 10am but Paul was already there cutting someone else's hair which was a great sign! Any other barber shop I've been to in the area has NEVER opened on time (on the days I went). There was ALWAYS a 15-20 minute minimum of me waiting for them to come and open the shop which is frustrating.

I opened the door to A&P Barbershop and immediately felt the warm and inviting environment. Paul greeted me with a big smile and kindness as did his wife Airy. I sat down in the comfortable seating area, enjoyed the low key music selection they had playing while I waited for a short period of time as he finished up with another client. The barber shop is small, with two old school legit barber chairs. Paul mentioned his wife Airy jumps in and helps cut hair (kids hair too!) when it gets super busy. There is a huge flat screen tv, small desk and a tasteful amount of decor throughout the shop. From what I observed, Airy helps clean up after cuts so they can keep business moving. It also looked like she keeps the behind the scenes operation going while he cuts- They seem like a great team!

Now for the cut. After two months of no haircut, I was beginning to look like Sasquatch so I hopped in the chair, showed Paul a picture of the cut I wanted and asked if he does beard trims as well- which he sure does. He quickly said he "got it" and started cutting and doing what he does. He is quick but extremely efficient and totally nailed exactly what I was wanting in a haircut and beard trim/blend. I can honestly say that NO other barber I've been to has been able to do that. He listened to what I wanted and he knew how to make it happen. I was in the chair for maximum of 25 minutes. He has the ability to talk and cut at the same time which is also appreciated (not many people can multitask in that way). He even asked and put a little product in my hair to style how I wanted it. All that to say, I'd go back again and again. We are expecting a baby boy in May and while I want to of course enjoy all those precious moments of him as a little baby, I sure am excited to bring him to Paul and Airy for his first haircut :)

Here are my takeaways from this shop...

1.) Punctual-Opened (before) the time their hours stated they'd be open
2.) Made me feel welcomed and comfortable
3.) Super clean shop
4.) I felt heard when explaining what I wanted
5.) Quick cut with exceedingly great results 6.) Affordable/Worth it!- $35 (before tip) for a haircut/style (if so desired) and beard trim/blend
7.) Open on Saturday's and Sunday's
8.) Kid/Family friendly
9.) Awesome customer service
10.) Old school shop/small town feel
11.) Looking forward to going back again and again

Thank you to both Paul and Airy! Glad to have you part of the North Bend community!

Nice and Affordable

I have always found the staff at Ace to be consistently cheerful, helpful and knowledgeable. I'm also constantly surprised by how close their prices are to Lowe's and Home Depot, given the sales volume and buying power of those larger stores.

My hair cut was done very well and it was done quickly.

I needed to get my hair cut and noticed this new shop the other day while walking around. I called to confirm they were open and they were! I stopped in and got a great cut. A young husband and wife own and operate the shop. They are very nice.

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