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Anne Herman, Photographer

Wedding photographer in Tanner, Washington

46708 SE 129th St, North Bend, WA 98045

(425) 261-0792

Why hire me over anyone else?

Because I make you so comfortable in front of the camera, the depth of your feelings for each other shines through.

"I never knew quite how much my husband loved me until I saw your pictures." - by Connie Whitener

Because I have 20+ years of experience.

  • I am calm and unflappable, and able to soothe you, as well.
  • I can solve — or prevent — many different problems with ease.
  • I have worked at most of the wedding venues in the greater Seattle area.
  • I am truly a pro at handling logistics.

Because I bring the eye of an artist and a storyteller to your wedding. My fine art photography has hung in galleries throughout the Northwest, and 4 books of my photographs have been published. Your pictures will not look like anyone else's.Because I book only one wedding per day. You have my full attention.Because my prices are reasonable, and include generous amounts of time and images — and an engagement portrait. I also offer a variety of archival albums.Because I come to your wedding to serve you, not to boss you around or draw attention to myself. If we do arranged portraits, they are light-hearted and expressive, not stiffly posed. During the ceremony and the reception I am almost invisible, working behind the scenes to capture moments that can't be posed. You will see me only if you are looking for me.

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