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Celtic Concrete Wa Corporation

Concrete contractor in the King County, Washington

45108 SE 130th Pl, North Bend, WA 98045

(425) 888-1181

Celtic has been a licensed contractor in the State of Washington for over 10 years. Initially doing only concrete and excavation work, we have expanded our scope into the Trenchless Sewer Repair business.



Dig down to sewer pipe and replace section of pipe that is damaged.


Inspection of your sewer pipe locaiton of the pipe on your property depth of the sewer pipe on your property.


Cure in place system can be also used on side sewer pipe, it's combination of patented resin formulas and polyester. This method can be used in one access 4'x3' pit.

Celtic Concrete WA is the registered Sewer Contractor providing high quality services including the inspection camera/televised sewer drain inspection services and pipe bursting in Seattle and surrounding areas. Our trained sewer professionals possess the high level expertise in using the inspection camera to carry out the Sewer Drain Inspection and suggest the best suited remedial measures including the pipe bursting to clear the clogs and blockages of your sewer lines.

Usually, sewer line blockages are caused because of gurgling, drain back-ups and many other issues of similar nature. Such problems can be inspected properly while suing the inspection camera.

Once the problem is spotted, we ensure to apply the best suited sewer cleaning techniques including the pipe bursting to ensure the trouble free sewer in the future.

Using the pipe bursting machine is the best option to replace the old and deteriorated sewer line. Our team of professional is considered the best in the town to use this mechanism of replacing the pipe i.e. Pipe Bursting.

So consider to higher the licensed contractor for this task because only the qualified companies are supposed to use this method appropriately in order to excavate and expose the old pipes connecting to your tank as well as to city sewer system.

Commonly used techniques of spotting the clogs or identifying the reason of sewer line problems are relatively expensive. So our Inspection camera and pipe bursting services are the best choice to resolve all of your problems relating to sewer line in Seattle and surrounding areas.

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