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Clarks Towing East

Towing service in North Bend, Washington

250 E North Bend Way, North Bend, WA 98045

(425) 888-0233

Clark's Towing was founded in 1964 as a family owned and operated business. We uphold our characteristics of longevity, trust, and family ownership with pride. We are owned and operated by 2nd and 3rd generation towers, it's in our blood! Between our owner, Kathy Clark, her son, Colby Lowe, and our office manager, Desiree Ruby, we have 75 years experience. Roadside assistant crews must be as reliable as the trucks they drive, and we've got that in spades!

Random Reviews

Clark's Towing was great

Son put the car in a ditch and State Patrol called these guys. They arrived promptly, advised son that when the car immediately overheats and the dashboard lights up like a Christmas tree he should probably turn the car off.

Clark's Towing was great in a difficult situation. They apologized because when called by State Patrol there's an enormous up front fee. While it was expensive, they didn't charge us for everything they could, and helped us out by suggesting a local mechanic.

If you're unlucky enough to need a tow in the area, I'd recommend them. I'd also recommend calling directly instead of going though State Patrol.

Cannot say enough great things about Clark's East Towing's service.

Kenny came to pick us up late at night when we were broken down on the side of 90. No other towing company wanted to come get us, but when we called Clark's, they were on their way in minutes.

Kenny was knowledgeable and friendly. In a stressful moment, he put us at ease and we really appreciated his service.

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