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Epic-Exposure, LLC

Photographer in the King County, Washington

47401 SE 153rd St, North Bend, WA 98045

(425) 505-7172

About Epic-Exposure:

Epic-Exposure, LLC is a high end digital content creation business owned and operated by professional freelance and published photographer, Bruce McCallum. Bruce established Epic-Exposure to be a multi faceted image creation business that revels in creating and capturing action, adventure, event, nature, studio, and life imagery. Epic-Exposure's assets include a wheelchair accessible 3,000 sqft high-end private photo studio as well as various mobile access platforms that allow for remote, difficult to reach, weather impaired, and totally off-grid photo assignments. The Epic-Exposure brand is all about providing our clients with a top-of-shelf service while creating and capturing museum quality images that are visually stunning.

Epic-Exposure offers the following services:

  • Studio rental.
  • Automotive studio photography.
  • Portrait (athletics/fashion/glamor/headshot) studio photography.
  • Composite image photography.
  • Commercial product studio photography.
  • Event based photo assignments.
  • Outdoor/remote location based photo assignments.
  • On-site, large format printing.

About Bruce:

In the early 90's, I traded finishing my college education as an aspiring mechanical engineer to join a local software company called Microsoft; testing their yet to be released 32-bit Windows NT operating system. After nearly 25 years of breaking and triaging Microsoft software I changed career paths to pursue my longstanding passion for capturing and sharing epic moments.

On this journey with me are my terrific wife and amazing daughter.

Random Reviews

Exceptional photographer

It takes a exceptional photographer, builder and entrepreneur to establish a studio like Epic Exposure. Bruce has built one of the best studios in the region. If you ever get a chance to check this place out, do not miss it.

This place is AMAZING

Had the amazing opportunity to work with Bruce and utilize Epic Exposure's studio. The space here is amazing. If you're a client then you'll definitely love shooting here. Bruce is more than accommodating.

Bruce is an amazing photographer... I had the honor of doing a collab with him! And the place really is epic.

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