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Frankie's Pizza

Custom made pizzas since 1988

249 Main Avenue S, North Bend, WA 98045

(425) 888-4477

Frankie's Pizza was started back in 1988 by a couple guys who believed great pizza and great timely delivery service could go hand-in-hand.

No one would disagree that the national chains have great systems in place to deliver pizza fast. But what about the quality of the pizza?

Better traditional and gourmet pizza doesn#39;t just happen — Frankie#39;s goes the extra mile to ensure that its products are of the highest quality available. Frankie#39;s adheres to strict quality procedures, like making all of our dough fresh every day in each store, using no preservatives. Our sauces are mixed by hand using only the finest tomato products — never from watered-down tomato paste. Many customers comment on the freshness of our salads and vegetables, which are hand-cut and cleaned in each store daily, not delivered frozen or pre-cut in bags like so many other operations do today. What about that Cheese? Many pizza joints today use cheese that was shredded weeks ago then either frozen or warehoused. Frankie#39;s uses fresh, 100% real cheese that is shredded daily in each store from 40 pound blocks for the ultimate in freshness; our cheese is never frozen, never warehoused.

While we have added more locations, the original recipes and hands-on processes stay the same. We refuse to skimp on the ingredients and will always stay committed to serving the highest quality product available.

Random Reviews

I do like this place.

I eat here fairly frequently, they're a little more expensive than they should be, but they do definitely load it down with the toppings, they're really friendly at the shop, and if you pick up your pizza it's a much better deal. My personal favorite pizza is the super kahuna. Also on the plus side, I live pretty far off the beaten path, and they still deliver to my place. The shop itself only offers take out delivery, they have nowhere to sit and eat.

Best pizza ever made!

So good! My all time favorite! Not so quick at delivering tho! They say 45 mins but whenever I've ordered delivery from there it's been like an hour and a half! Very good food tho, so worth it!

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