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Hot Iron Mongolian Grill

Mongolian Grill with Fresh Ingredients

461 S Fork Ave SW, North Bend, WA 98045-8992/p>

(425) 396-0916

Random Reviews

Awesome food

I love the food here and it is very clean . The staff were awesome and very helpful. They were content in letting you know if you tell them you have allergies they would know what is in everything they serve


The Mongolian BBQ has a very nice selection of ingredients to choose from, and there is nothing I do not enjoy about the restaurant. They sometimes do not have certain ingredients, based on availability and season. The one that I wish they would have on a consistent basis is celery. I have eaten there 20-30 times in the past two years and I recommend them.

There are people who give poor ratings because of perceived rudeness on the part of the owners. It's called CULTURE, people. Not everyone is from a country where being a Mouseketeer is a requirement of public-relations. When you have been in there several times and get to know them better, you will understand that they are not being rude, they are just subdued, quiet people.

Tasty and Exactly What I Was In The Mood For

My sister and I stopped in to the North Bend Premium Outlets for a Coach purse on a terrible, wet day. It was pouring down, and even moving quickly from store to store, we were getting soaked. Rather than looking for another place, we ducked in to the store, empty save for employees.

The food is pretty straightforward: fill up your bowls with food, pay by weight, and they throw it on the grill and cook it up. Given that you can put whatever you like in it, if it doesn't taste good, it's kind of your fault.

As it was, it was hot sweet noodles with a garlicky bite for me, which quickly vanished thanks to the chopsticks. The staff was quiet, but it was mostly serve yourself, and all the options were there. Price was about what I'd expect for giant bowl of food I consumed. I know it's a chain, but it's not one I have nearby. I'd like one, though!

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