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Meske Computer Services

Computer repair service in the Riverbend, Washington

44604 SE 151st St, North Bend, WA 98045

(425) 298-6553

About Us

About Us: First of all, we are Kevin and Ingrid, a husband and wife team who enjoy working with computers.

Our Business:

We offer a wide variety of technology based services to meet the needs of individuals, families, home offices, and small businesses. We have extensive experience with working with all kinds of computer related problems. These include hardware, software, operating systems, registry, virus removal, dead computers, building custom computers and more!

Our Goal:

We strive to create a lasting professional business relationship with all of our clients. We want to make the personal computer feel personal.

Our Customer Service:

Our customer service is top rated. Many of our clients rely on us every time they have computer issues or questions relating to their PCs, as a result we are dedicated to offering you the best possible support at unbeatable prices.

Our Community:

Meske Computer Services, LLC has a stellar reputation throughout the Snoqualmie Valley area in Washington. We offer fast emergency computer repairs, friendly & trustworthy service. Most importantly we strive to build long-term client relationships above all else. Our clients recommend us to family and friends. It'ls not always easy to find IT support you can trust to give great service at a great price, therefore when people find it with us, they share it with others.

Our Accomplishments:

Finally, we were chosen as North Bend's best computer repairs business for the year 2017, consequently we are very proud to have won this award in our very first year we offered our services to the Snoqualmie Valley community.

Random Reviews

We found Meske Computer Services to be an excellent place to have your computer repaired!

We were able to bring our computer by for them to identify a part we needed replaced and then take our computer back to keep the business running while parts were on their way. When the part was in, they installed it in minutes and we were happily on our way with our computer again. When your whole business life is on a computer you need a reliable resource to keep you up and running and Meske is a good one! Don't drop your computer with the Geeks for 3 weeks!

Really appreciated their knowledgeable recommendations and advice

I had a hard drive failure. Kevin and Ingrid were able to provide recommendations that will help me to keep my computer going for a few more years--as well as save my data...

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