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Nice Nails

Spa and Nail salon in North Bend, Washington

330 Main Ave S, North Bend, WA 98045

(425) 888-1242

Family-owned nail salon and spa in North Bend, WA

Random Reviews

They give the best shellac manicures

I've been coming here since we moved to North Bend from the west side last summer. I seriously don't go anywhere else anymore. They give the best shellac manicures, better than any other salon. If my nails didn't grow so fast, I would only have to get my nails done once a month because they never chip. The girls who work here are also SO nice and always have the nicest things to say despite how hard they work. They get really busy sometimes with all their regular clients but they are fast even with all their chairs full!

My manicure looks very nice and both employees were friendly.

I came in for a Shellac French manicure at around 2pm on a Tuesday. There was only one other customer there, and 2 employees.

There are 6 pedicure massage chairs and 3 manicure tables. The salon is clean and neat. Lots of choices for colors, including some Shellac colors I hadn't seen in other salons yet.

The stylist who did my manicure was friendly. It was apparent the other customer who was there was a regular as they referred to her by name and she seemed to know the employees. The only downside so far was that the two employees talked to each other in I think Vietnamese the whole time...I didn't mind too much, I guess otherwise it would be dead quiet in there. There's a TV but it wasn't turned on. There was no radio or any music on in the background either.

My manicure looks very nice and both employees were friendly. I paif $30 for the french shellac manicure which included a nice hand massage. Very affordable.

I would definitely recommend this salon to anyone seeking a clean friendly place to get their nails done.

Polish seems to last a long time

The ladies here know me by name even though and don't come in very often and are very sweet and friendly. Pedicures are great and I always opt for the extra calf massage. Polish seems to last a long time too!

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