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North Bend Chiropractic and Golf Fitness

Hardware store, chain retailer

330 Main Ave S, North Bend, WA 98045

(425) 888-1242

We are here to serve your healthcare needs. We offer massage therapy, traditional chiropractic care, specialized chiropractic care, golf specific fitness programs, and sports medicine and therapy. We care for all ages... birth to 110!

Random Reviews

It was a miracle for my back.

Upon retirement last year, I had my first bout of sciatica, which lasted two full months. Tried everything to deal with that and the subsequent chronic lower back pain. A friend recommended Dr. Miller so I figured it was to try chiropractic medicine. I went in skeptical; however, I walked out a little over an hour later with NO BACK PAIN for the first time in almost a year. Dr. Miller told me to do everything that I wanted to do for the next 4 days to see what happens. For 4 days, I did everything from mowing the lawn, to helping with some home-construction, to moving slate slabs. I had minimal dull aches, but no shooting pain (as I was used to from doing anything). Saw him on day 5 and he worked my back again and told me that it was highly possible to get my "lack of pain" to become the norm. Finally, a provider with a positive outlook and the medical ability to make a difference. I would totally recommend Dr. Miller to anyone with any joint pain, back or neck pain, sciatica, etc.

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