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North Bend Elementary School

Public Elementary school in North Bend, Washington

400 E 3rd St, North Bend, WA 98045

(425) 831-8400

North Bend Elementary School is a public elementary school in North Bend. The principal of North Bend Elementary School is Jim Frazier. 593 children attend North Bend Elementary School, and the ratio of students to teachers is 20:1. Teachers' salaries are $55,374 each year.

Random Reviews

I have had a great experience with this school all 3 of my kids attended and have a solid grasp on their educational course because of it.

Great overall learning experience. Environment is not like in Redmond area schools where there is too much of stress on kids

I love North Bend. The teachers and administration have been very caring and open. They have a special early literacy program for struggling readers which is fantastic. They are not intense about homework for kindergarten and even first grade mostly it focuses on reading. They provide access to the IXL program for extra at home math work. I am a big fan.

This is school is top notch just like the other reviewers have said... except for *one* thing. The amount of homework given is too much and too soon. Kindergarteners have homework totaling 30 minutes ditto for 1st graders. The 2nd graders have homework of almost an hour by the time you add up the typical times for the different things they are supposed to do (for reference these are all times the *teacher* told me it was supposed to take it can and does take longer sometimes if the child is struggling with the concepts.) I once saw a 4th grader sobbing out loud with no concern for who might see or hear him. I was told by another kid that was due to the amount of homework he had although the kid talking to me couldn't say how much it was. I was really taken aback and worried. Now I did have homework in 2nd grade myself (never in K or 1st). I had 15-20 minutes worth of a spelling worksheet. That was it and honestly it was more than enough. After being at school all day my brain was usually fried and although I sat their dutifully and worked as hard as I could I was almost always exhausted by the end. Take away the high amounts of homework and this is a solid 5/5

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