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North Bend Theatre

Movie theater in North Bend, Washington

125 Bendigo Blvd N, North Bend, WA 98045

(425) 888-1232

Independent circa-1941 movie house with art deco look offering 1st-run flicks & special programs.

Random Reviews

Great place!

Drove over from Seattle and was worth the drive. Friendly staff.

Only thing is, if you are any bigger than about may feel squished in the narrow seats. Three of us went. Me and my boyfriend are on the large size, but our friend is quite normal. Even he felt cramped.

Now, saying that... you still fit and it's not uncomfortable. But, if the theater was packed (our viewing was not) I would maybe feel a wee bit claustrophobic. Still deserves 5 stars! This was an overall great experience and it was nice being out of the city.

This place is a little slice of 1950's in the middle of an adorable small town.

You won't find the modern recliner seats or a high tech sound system here but you will find a classic theater that is clean and well taken care of. My kids loved it!

We came here was because of a Groupon deal we purchased and I am glad we did because we will definitely be coming back.

Nice go back in time

When you visit this theater, you can expect to go back in time when single screen movie houses were the standard over mega-plex theaters crammed into urban shopping centers. As you walk up, big the marquee and neon lighting make you feel like you are about to experience something more elegant than you might be used to.

Of course, with an older building like this, there will be some limitations in comparison to the more modern, higher-end theaters you might visit, but they make up for it with heavy doses of charm and nostalgia. My only real issue was with my seat which was not the most comfortable, but not to the point where I felt compelled to move.

This is a family run operation and you can tell by the friendly greeting you receive that they really appreciate every person that walks through the doors. Customer service is a priority and you can tell that great lengths are taken to keep everything looking as clean as possible.

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