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Orchard View Design LLC

Graphic designer in Tanner, Washington

43324 SE North Bend Way, North Bend, WA 98045

(425) 221-8747

About us:

Our family design company is located at the base of Mount Si in North Bend, Washington. We serve clients throughout the Seattle area, greater United States, Canada and elsewhere.

We incorporate community, heritage and history into many of our projects. From custom memorial objects of art, to hand-crafted decor, our products enhance the "sense of place" of any particular setting.

Orchard View Design LLC is owned/operated by husband and wife team Bob and Laura Antone. With a history in the Seattle area and Snoqualmie Valley, our name and location are associated with a thriving music and visual art scene.

Bob Antone is from a family of artists and woodcarvers with a history in the Pacific Northwest. Many of his uncles and both grandfathers were or still are wood carvers, painters or sculptors. This includes a variety of materials including metal and ceramics. His specialties are oral history and immigrant folklore of the Seattle area and greater northwest region. He also performs historical music, recites poetry and plays instrumental compositions in connection to his visual expression. Performed on a musical saw, old family violin from 1893, heirloom guitar and Irish drum, the music accompanies visual storytelling and folklore. Bob is currently a music teacher at Music and Arts located on Front Street in Issaquah, WA. (425) 392-1000

Laura Antone hails from Northwest Territories, Canada. She is a member of the DENE 1st Nations Tribe located in FT. Liard. Laura brings her vision into reality using pen and ink, mosaic in stone and brick, original geometric patterns in wood and painted murals. Her travels have brought her to parts of Africa, Europe, Canada and the U.S. She now resides in North Bend, WA and practices her visual art full time. She is interested in world cultures and connecting to people on many levels.

We make everything from large scale monuments and memorials to historical themed paintings, murals, patio designs, custom furniture and sculpture are made on site.. and much of it by hand with antique tools. All of the labor is done locally, while using materials salvaged from dump sites, recycled or donated by patrons.

The company has created art and sculptures either privately owned or on public and private displays at: Mercer Island, Bainbridge Island, Seattle, Fall City, Snoqualmie, Duvall, Kirkland, Redmond, Issaquah, North Bend, Gangjin, South Korea, Sweden, Chilliwack, British Columbia Canada and many other wonderful places.

Bob Antone is a 2015 recipient of the GIVE GOOD AWARDS in the category of ARTS. This award was given in recognition of his creative contributions to the Snoqualmie Valley and greater Seattle area.

As a dual citizen of both Canada and the U.S., Laura Antone (Williams) is recognized for her intricate custom designs, fine art and cultural expertise. Born in Yellowknife, Canada, Laura has lived in parts of Africa, Europe, Canada and the U.S.. Her life experiences have included a deep connection to her aboriginal heritage (DENE) of Northwest Territories, well the Bush people of Swaziland, VooDoo practices/cultural clashes during the 1980's in parts of Africa, historical and religious landmarks throughout Europe and the United States.

Both Bob and Laura have collaborated with the 14/48 theater company in Seattle, ACT THEATER, The Cedar River Watershed Interpretive Center, Selah Gifts, Piccola Cellars, Sigillo Cellars, Si View Metropolitan Park District, Clark's East Towing, Seattle Inscape, Lustre Studios Seattle, City of Duvall, City of Sammamish, City of North Bend, City of Snoqualmie, City of Renton, Microsoft, Playwrights vs. Poets Medicine Ball, Pioneer Square Art Walk, TK Building Loft #102 Joe Lavely Studio, Currency Art Gallery (the old Dome Stadium Tavern transformed), Bemis Arts loft #305 Troy Lazenby, COCA Seattle, Geeks Life, Northwest Arts Center, Duvall Arts Commission, Snoqualmie Sister Cities, Snoqualmie Valley School District, Northwest Heritage Resources, Jack Straw Cultural Center, Hollow Earth Radio, Snoqualmie Tribe, Lummi Tribal carver and Smithsonian recognized Felix Solomon, Smithsonian recognized Hank Nelson, Snoqualmie Valley Historical Museum, Northwest Folklife Festival, Kithfolk music and arts magazine, North Bend Visitor's Center, Snoqualmie City Hall, and more...

Random Reviews

Absolutely beautiful art with both great design & craftsmanship.

I have been lucky enough to have experienced the music of Tinkham Road as well as a ghost tour and a Bigfoot tour! All three have been wonderful experiences and I look forward to more. Having grown up in the area it was really fun to hear the old folklore, songs and native beliefs that they didn't teach us in school!

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