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Park St. Healing Arts, Straight Chiropractic

Chiropractor in North Bend, Washington

318 E Park St, North Bend, WA 98045

(425) 888-4170

The same thing that inspired me to begin a career in chiropractic 30 years ago, keeps me passionate about practicing today. The combination of science, philosophy and art that make chiropractic unique in the healing world has not changed.

I try to live my life with a big picture mentality. In this case, my belief that all living things have an innate intelligence (or life force) which strives to maintain health and life guides me. If I can use the available science and develop the art and skills to locate and remove interference to that innate intelligence, it is the greatest service I can offer humanity.

Random Reviews

Great service

Homely Setting. Nicely located. Each of the staff are very warming and patient friendly. Both Dr. Jill and Dr. Scott are very intuitive. They really try to remove the source of the problem and not just make it bearable. I definitely recommend them to all.

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