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Rattlesnake Lake Recreation Area

Park in the King County, nearby North Bend, WA

17905 Cedar Falls Rd SE, North Bend, WA 98045

(425) 831-6780

The Rattlesnake Lake Recreation Area is a day-use area located outside the hydrologic boundaries of the Cedar River Municipal Watershed near North Bend. The lake is located near Interstate 90, exit 32, about 3 miles southeast of North Bend and about 35 miles east of Seattle. The recreation area includes the 111-acre lake, picnic areas, the Rattlesnake Ledge Trail and parking access to miles of State Park and King County hiking, biking, and horse trails. The recreation area is owned and managed by Seattle Public Utilities as a non-development buffer to the protected municipal watershed lands. The watershed supplies 65% of the Seattle region's unfiltered drinking water to nearly 800,000 people. Rattlesnake Lake is not used for drinking water and is spring-fed by the nearby Cedar River.

Cedar River Watershed Education Center:

The nearby Cedar River Watershed Education Center located on the lake's south shore offers visitors a chance to experience the watershed through exhibits, information, watershed tours, field trips and special events focused on Seattle's drinking water, history, wildlife and more. Inquire at the Center about room rentals, special event requests and permits for sporting events, races, community gatherings for 30 or more people, and film productions.

Contact the Center for Information about, Trail Conditions, Watershed Tours, and Recreation area Special Events:

Random Reviews

Rattlesnake hike is a nice quick climb to the top of the ridge with a wonderful view and super close to the city.

The cherry on the top is the lake at the bottom of the mountain where you can cool off before or after a hike. Even though there generally is a plenty of space to park, you should reconsider this hike if you are going on the weekend. Due to it accessibility and other perks, it is quite popular with the city folks as well as tourists.

Must see sight.

We went here on late Monday night so it was pretty quiet. This is a Stunning lake, surrounded by tree covered peaks and has very clear water. It is easily accessible although it gets pretty busy in the weekends and holidays so parking might be difficult during those times. There's a boat ramp and some beautiful tree stumps at the edge of the lake. The facilities are a bit gross (hole in the ground toilets) but that's usually the deal in state parks. We had lots of fun here with kids. Saw some other groups BBQing and picnicking as well.

Happy hiking.

The glacier water looks so amazing from the beginning of the trail and also from the top. This is an easy trail which should take you approx 40-50 mins to the top. There are some steep cliffs, so beware. At the top, the view is breathtaking, you will see the snow covered mountains and the green lush landscape all the once, mother nature in all its glory. Please remember to take your trash out and I also encourage fellow hikers to pick out the trash as there are no trash deposits anywhere to the top.

Great hike in the North Bend area! Plenty of things to do!

The path to the hike is covered by trees so it's a nice place to hike on a hot sunny day. It's moderate climb. Once you reach the top ,the views are breathtaking. You can see the lake below , enjoy your lunch and get some nice photos!! After the hike we spent some time at the lake. Even for someone who doesn't want to hike, you can relax at the lake area and enjoy scenic views or go kayaking or boating

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