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Sallal Water Association

Water owners co-op, non-profit in Tanner, Washington

44021 SE Tanner Rd suite e, North Bend, WA 98045

(425) 888-3650

The Sallal Water Association began as a grass roots effort by local residents in the spring of 1967, due to concerns about the availability of water in shallow wells during summer months. As a result of these efforts, a loan was negotiated from the Federal Government in the spring of 1969, and construction began that summer for securing a water supply from the City of Seattle.

Sallal was a wholesale customer of Seattle Public Utilities from 1970 until 1986, relying on chlorinated surface water from the masonry Pool portion of Chester Morse Reservoir. In 1983 and 1985, two deep wells were drilled inside the Seattle Watershed. During 1986, the Sallal water system converted from City of Seattle surface water to groundwater. In 1987, a third well was drilled elsewhere in the Association's service area to meet the demands in this area.

The Sallal Water Association is a non-profit, consumer-owned corporation which is administered by a seven member Board of Trustees of whom two or three are elected each year. A Water Distribution Manager III, who is Sallal's Water System Superintendent, provides maintenance and day-to-day operation of the water system. Licensed professional engineers and a professional hydrogeologist also provide engineering and consulting services on a contractual basis.

The Association has an Annual Meeting (typically in February or March) that all members of the Association are encouraged to attend. The Board of Trustees meets every month (typically the third Tuesday of the month). Association members are welcome to attend the Board's meetings, but you are encouraged to call the office to verify the date, time and location of the next meeting. Also, if you would like to speak at a meeting, please let the office know ahead of time so you can be added to the agenda.

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