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Selah Gifts

Gift shop in North Bend, Washington

111 E North Bend Way, North Bend, WA 98045

(425) 396-0898

Random Reviews

Wonderful, eclectic collection of unique stuff

I love this store. It has a wonderful, eclectic collection of unique stuff (Never mind what the category above says. It's much more than that. It, honestly, defies categorization). Every time I go in, there's always something new and interesting. And, invariably, there's at least one "I gotta have that."

The owner, Shelly, is a jewel as well. She's funny and engaging. She clearly loves what she does and has unquestionable knack for selecting the right merchandise and presenting it well. She has an excellent eye for the unique without going over the top into 'weird'. I think she's as much curator as she is proprietor.

I also appreciate the fact that much of merchandise comes from local & domestic artists and other small businesses. Even the stuff that is made overseas comes through small suppliers rather than the big distribution channels that bring in the same old stuff.

If you've driven or walked by without stopping in, do yourself a favor and check it out. It won't cost a dime. Well, until you see that "I gotta have that" thing. But don't worry, she'll go easy on you.

I had such a wonderful experience here.

The owner was so warm, friendly, and helpful. She really embraces the fact that Twin Peaks was filmed in the surrounding area, and was very excited to talk to us about it. She sells the work of a lot of local artists, and gave us a brief history of the shop. I will definitely return next time I am in the area!

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