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Si View Window Cleaning & Exterior Maintenance

Window cleaning service in the King County, Washington

48656 SE Mt Si Rd, North Bend, WA 98045

(425) 341-4923

How We Can Help

It's understandable if you've been caught off guard by outbreaks of mosses, lichens, and algae. Life gets busy and it's easy to push house cleaning to side when you have bigger fish to fry.

We can help with that. It's as easy as 1-2-3.

CONSULTATION: We will come out and meet with you to identify problem areas, warning signs, or infestations.

DEEP CLEAN: We will kill and remove mosses, lichens, and algae and remove them from your surfaces using our large arsenal of proven low-impact techniques.

PREVENTION: Signing up for a Recurring Maintenance Plan puts preventative upkeep on auto-pilot to keep you on the offensive.

Random Reviews

I highly recommend Si View Window Cleaning & Exterior Maintenance

We haven't cleaned our windows/gutters for two years and I am thrilled with the results. Craig is professional, responsive and he was extremely thorough throughout the process from quote, to scheduling and invoicing.

The roof is 3 stories up and really steep, so we've never actually seen it, so Craig showed us pictures of our roof, pointed out moss, blasted the moss off and treated the roof so it wouldn't grow. We have had our gutters cleaned many times and never had that offered, and it never really lasts very long. We are up against a greenbelt and get a lot of needles. Also, he has recommended a better alternative for the downspouts that should actually keep them clear. Preventative medicine, that should extend the life of our roof, that's worth every penny.

I will definitely use them again. Thank you so much Craig we are so happy to see out of our windows and screens!!

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