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Snoqualmie/North Bend Police Department

Snoqualmie and North Bend WA Police and Sheriff's departments

34825 SE Douglas Street, Snoqualmie, WA 98065

(425) 888-3333

Police Services

Snoqualmie/North Bend Police Department

The City of North Bend contracts with the City of Snoqualmie Police Department for law enforcement and police services. (Effective March 8, 2014)

The City of Snoqualmie/North Bend Police Department provides police services to residents, businesses, and visitors to North Bend and Snoqualmie; provides public education for many topics that support both communities; hosts and sponsors special events; and offers a range of programs for youth.

The Police Department welcomes input from residents and business owners. Chief Perry Phipps or Captain Nick Almquist may be reached at 425-888-3333 during regular business hours.

In case of emergency 24/7 in North Bend or Snoqualmie, please Dial 9-1-1

The Police Department facility has holding cells, interrogation rooms, a shooting range, and a training room. Dispatch and jail service is provided through contract by the Issaquah Police Department.

Driving Directions from North Bend/Snoqualmie - Take SR 202 through Snoqualmie. Turn left onto Snoqualmie Parkway. Proceed to SE Douglas Street and turn left. The Police Department will be on your right at the corner of SE Douglas Street and Snoqualmie Parkway.

Random Reviews

A very professional police department all around.

Everyone has been very helpful, and they faxed some documents for me in very timely manner, saving me extra trips. Thank you Snoq. Police.

Get it together Snoqualmie police, lets be safe out there on the roads.

I wasn't very pleased to see a Snoqualmie police car at very high rate of speed come up right behind me in a 25 mph zone just to tail gate me to nearly my house (2.5-3miles). Without a reason to pull me over and no reason for that officer to be going 40+ in a 25 right after a school bus dropped off kids. If you have a reason to speed then great you're probably doing something worth speeding for. Speeding just to intimidate someone is absolutely wrong. That officer could have hit someone getting mail or waiting for there kids to get off the bus, possibly even a dog. I believe that the officers should be held to the law unless they have an absolute reason to be speeding, which should indicate that there lights and sirens should be on while speeding so everybody knows to watch out. Intimidation isn't a reason to speed. Especially when it can put other people's lives in danger.

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