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Starbucks in North Bend

Seattle-based coffeehouse chain known for its signature roasts, light bites and WiFi availability.

721 SW Mt Si Blvd B, North Bend, WA 98045

(425) 888-0808

It has been a couple of years since they took out one of my favorite Starbucks stores from North Bend. This is the replacement store and it fulfills its purpose. This new store is more convenient especially if you are on a road trip and just need a Starbucks fix.

It has sufficient seating for a fairly large crowd although it can only accommodate two people in the bathrooms.

The baristas, when I was there were capable even though my whole milk vanilla latte was made with coconut milk the first time. It was quickly rectified and many apologies were given. Not really a big issue as I got my drink and it was perfect.

The chonga bagels were fresh and toasted to perfection.

The only negative, and the reason I gave it four stars, is that it is part of a gas station.

More Random Reviews

Convenient location

It is conveniently located in a gas station parking lot, the restrooms are clean, there is a drive-through if needed, and it is Starbucks!!

Perfect for travellers

I travel across the pass often and this had the perfect location for a pick me up immediately after or before driving the pass.

Highly recommend this location, all around.

I have stopped-in over and over again over the years, mostly during road trips that go between Gig Harbor and Salt Lake City, Utah. I always know to expect kindess, prompt service, and good drinks. Big fan. Today I went in, got a bunch of drinks, and headed east through the pass. At some point, I finally looked at the sticker on the side of my drinks to find that they spelled my name CORRECTLY. I didn't specify, I didn't correct them, because it's honestly not a big deal, and it's a little pretentious to demand the correct spelling. But to see that they just happened to spell it right somehow completely made my morning. It felt just a little more personal, a little more caring. Tiny thing, but big thing (clearly, because I can't stop typing - might be the caffeine). Oh, and the drinks were delicious. Thank you!

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