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Sutter Paving, Inc

Asphalt contractor in the King County, Washington

45100 SE North Bend Way, North Bend, WA 98045

(425) 391-9091

Established in Issaquah in 1972, Sutter Paving employs a solid veteran crew equipped with the knowledge and expertise to tackle the most challenging jobs. We own own equipment including pavers, graders, trucks, rollers and Bobcats with excavating and sweeping extensions. Our primary geographical concentration is the Great Seattle Eastside; however, we do accept contracts in outlying areas.

We are extremely proud of the high quality and consistency of our work. Every attempt is made to install a finished product that will not only enhance the utility of your site but also increase its attractiveness and value.

Sutter Paving's residential contracts consist predominantly of paving/re-paving driveway, patio/parking areas, and walkways/interfaces to these paved surfaces. We work largely on contracts referred to us by previously satisfied contractors and residence owners; however, we are always open to new client work requests. All work is done through a contracted bidding process which consists of a site inspection and written bid submitted to the property owner. Following acceptance of the bid, a schedule is cooperatively agreed upon, and the work completed.

Sutter Paving's commercial contracts consist largely of paving work for larger contractors who are completing large housing or commercial building contracts and who need specialized paving for smaller area parking, intersection or driveway access work.

Random Reviews

Sutter Paving did an excellent job

They solved problems that none of us expected (the old driveway was 12 to 15 inches thick in places and the weather did not cooperate). Ethan who provided the estimate and oversaw the project, was professional, followed through on commitments, gave a good price, and as one of the crew said "got the black side up on the asphalt (joke)". I definitely would consider them again in the future.

Very Professional.

Prices were reasonable and he did an excellent job. He even removed our old basketball hoop at no extra cost. We would use him again in a heartbeat

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