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US Navy Recruiting, North Bend

Military career guidance service in Tanner, Washington

SE, 1257 Little Si Trail, North Bend, WA 98045

(425) 951-0113

Military career guidance service in Tanner, Washington

Random Reviews

My tenure with the United States Navy was rewarding. The work environment was productive while still encouraging a family like workplace. Oppurtunity for promotion was fair. Superiors did an excellent job of making sure personnel were given the tools to succeed and off the clock. All employees were thoroughly trained on how to do their job and given opportunities to seek positions of higher authority. Occasionally, working hours were long and last minute changes were thrown into the workload.

Only the strong will survive. A lot of time being away from home and it is demanding. The culture is ok depending who is presiding over you. It is all in what you make. It can be hard of you make it hard.

Military gives you an opportunity to gain experience in a broad amount of career fields to expand knowledge and experience in preparations to find a decent job outside of the military service.

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