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Umpqua Bank

Bank in North Bend, Washington

146 W 2nd St, North Bend, WA 98045

(425) 888-1616

Why bank with Umpqua?

Because we're the kind of bank you'd take home to meet your parents. The kind of bank you'd be proud to introduce to all your friends.

Because when you choose us, you're choosing:

  • A personal banking experience designed for your unique needs.
  • A direct one-on-one connection to financial expertise.
  • Access to simple, mobile banking, whenever and wherever you need it.
  • A bank that fits your life, not the other way around.

Random Reviews

I've been banking with Umpqua for just about a year.

Without exception, every transaction I've done there has been excellent. The people are professional, friendly and helpful. Every. Single. Time. Someone always greets me with a genuine smile when I come in the door.

A few months ago, I deposited a check at the drive-thru, giving them my ATM card for the account info (no gripes about not filling out a slip). A short conversation about the source of the check and whether or not they'd need to hold funds until it cleared, ensued. Friendly and professional, but probably it would take 7 days. Ah, well. Little did I realize as I drove away, that the teller had forgotten to return my ATM card. That would have been a major imposition, except that my phone rang when I was a half-block away. &##4;Sorry, I forgot to return your ATM card."

When I entered the lobby a couple minutes later, I was greeted with smiles and apologies from TWO people. Along with my card, the teller handed me a coffee gift card along with the message that they put the check through without waiting the requisite 7 days for it clear.

THAT is outstanding customer service. That's what the big banks are missing. It's not whether or not you mess up. It's how you handle it when you do.

Having only had one experience with Umpqua

I can say it was more than fine with exceptional management. I did spend quite of time opening accounts, but I could only be happy with the attention to detail. Past that, what is there to say?

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